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Is This A 75 Insignia?


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Thanks, mitto!


For people who stumble upon this post in the future my rudimentary research leads me to this summary of crosshatch Parker "75"s:

  1. Cisele: the cap band will say "Sterling Silver". Grooves are well-defined, deep, and black
  2. Cisele G.F.: the cap band will say "Sterling Silver" and "G.F." which means the tassels and the clip are gold-filled (actual gold) and not painted with gold paint
  3. Cisele Vermeil: the cap band will say "Sterling Silver" and "Vermeil" meaning the entire cap and barrel is gold-filled
  4. Insignia: grooves are shallower and thinner. This is a gold-filled cap and barrel over brass. A photo of the cap band is supplied below


Hero #232 Blue-Black is my Waterman Florida Blue.


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Yes, but the insignia-II was a little different. The groves were deeper and it was not gold filled. Only gold plated. There was, however, no mention of either GF or GP on the Insigia-II.


The Sterling Vermeil also came in two versions. The earlier ones were marked as Gold Filled or GF while the later are marked only as Vermeil without the GF mention.


The trim on all Sterling Silver Ciselé pens are gold filled. But I have not seen the Sterling Ciselé marked as GF when the whole body of the pen is not gold filled ie if the pen is not a Vermeil.





Edited to add:


The content at #2 of your post does not seem to be correct. Ciselé GF is, in fact, the earlier version of Ciselé Vermeil.

Edited by mitto

Khan M. Ilyas

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