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I recently picked up my first fountain pen. Actually, it is my second, but my first was nearly 4 years ago, and I never used it to its full potential. I'm trying to adapt to a Faber Castell WRITink with a B nib. The papers I am writing with however, seem to have a decent amount of feathering. I currently live in Aachen Germany, and as germans usually have a german equivalent of everything non german, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for good quality paper of all price ranges (all I care about is quality) the price I will decide on. I know 32lb hp premium choice paper is a constant recommendation, what would be the german equivalent of this?


I know many german companies are hesitant to sell online or ship oversees, but are available through domestic distributors, any advice would be great.


I'm running blind!


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Try Clairfontaine paper, it's made in France not Germany, but I understand it is generally available across the EU. Here's the Clairfontaine Web site, contact them and ask where you can buy in Germany.




Generally, Clairfontaine is a high quality clay/kaolin-filled paper that is very smooth yet not highly absorbent. Writing on Clairfontaine paper is very smooth with little if-any feathering or show-through. However, you might find that ink dry times are longer on Clairfontaine. Also, because the paper is rather non-absorbent, nibs that need absorbent papers to help with ink-flow may skip or railroad with Clairfontaine paper. But problems are rare, I would venture to guess 90% of all pens will work well on Clairfontaine paper.


Stick with the basic Clairfontaine products such as their general purpose notebooks and pads. Clairfontaine does sell some speciality papers and products, such as "stone paper" notebooks. Steer clear of the strange stuff.


You probably have Carrefour hypermarket stores in Germany. Carrefour is a French company, their outlets have been known to carry Clairfontaine notebooks. This page may have a store locator.



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