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Best Mechanical Pencils Under $50?

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Can it be cheaper - to use just wooden pencil , but with electric pencil sharpener?

I found an article with comparison by price and reviews https://prizedreviews.com/best-electric-pencil-sharpener/

But is it reasonable? I don't know much about prices of art supplies and their caracteristics


It totally depends on the price of the sharpener since even a premium quality wooden pencil is typically less than $2.


Most folks I know who like wooden pencils seem to prefer mechanical hand crank sharpeners over electric sharpeners. I certainly do. I've got a $10 exacto mechanical sharpener which does a better job than the expensive Bostich electric sharpener I received as a gift some number of years ago.


If price is your primary concern, my recommendation is to get a $0.99 tap knife or $3 utility knife from the hardware store and learn to sharpen your pencil the old fashioned way. Even if price isn't a concern, sharpening a pencil with a knife can be a lot of fun since you can experiment with tip shapes. I happen to like sharpening my pencils to a wedge shape rather than a round point so that I have two sharp edges to write with and also have the option to get some line width variation like with a stub fountain pen.



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I paid about $20 USD for this, after all was said and done (it came with a couple other mechanical pencils in an auction lot).




Made by Mitsubishi Pencil Company. Just look at all that metal hardware and fine machining. Original price tag of 2,000 JPY, I'm guessing from sometime in the late 1970's.

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