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Vintage Waterman 20/eyedropper/nib #10/6.5" Long Silver Overlay Ifp

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Hello there!!

Hopefully some might be able to help me with an ID of my Waterman :)


My mother bought it YEARS ago, and I just found it after going through storage. I know it's worth something, but I'm having a problem identifying the *exact* model.

There are similar pens around, but they are much thinner and shorter because they've all got #2 nibs, and this one has a #10.

I've written to Waterman, but have yet to hear anything.

I have seen other eyedroppers, but they do not have the overlay. Apparently, according to one guy, there were only 3 made in this era? Who knows if that's correct.
Sincerely can't find any information on this one- or maybe I just don't know/can't find where to look?


Here are the characteristics:

- Thick/fat body and cap

- 6.5" long

- Warn off "20" with a circle on the base of the body

- Hard Rubber body and cap (probably black before, now looks dark chocolate)

- Sterling Silver overlay

- Trefoil Vine pattern (1907-1923)

- "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen" and "Sterling." engraved (crookedly) on silver

- Clip Cap on lower half of cap (not in middle like on other, shorter similar pens)

- "Clip-Cap; Sterling; IDEAL; PAT Sep. 26.05" engraved

- Nib #10

- "Waterman's; IDEAL; Reg US; Pat. Off.; 10; Made In; USA" engraved



If anyone could help me regarding this model of pen, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I've never seen a Waterman 20 with a metal overlay. Neither online or in-person. That's an incredibly rare pen. Assuming its in decent shape I'd guess its probably worth well over $10,000.


The "20" on the base of the body is the model number. The "20" is by far the largest pen Waterman ever made. I've seen them in black and orange hard rubber, but like I said, I have never seen one with a metal overlay.

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:W2FPN: First of all welcome to the Forum...


Since i did not see any images I wondered if your pen is similar to mine... just a few days ago I saw at the Koln (Germany) pen show a very similar one but in coral red, I was told it was sold (I did not even want to ask for the price) and an Italian collector seemed happy photographing it.












Measurements are the same as yours and in the Overlay you can read "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen Sterling"

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