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The most basic, and probably most asked introductory question you all get is, "What is involved with making your own barrels and caps." I know there are a myriad topics that are included like material desired, time needed, cost, machining and tools, technical ability, etc.


The reason I'm asking is because I've recently become the recipient of four vintage (1970's) New Old Stock Cross Townsend Nibs. I can't buy the barrels and caps and don't really want to sell the nibs, but they are otherwise useless. A Moderator suggested I take a look at this forum and I had no idea folks created their own stuff. So, I'm intrigued. Where does one find the necessary dimensions, etc. to attempt such an endeavor?





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OPKS, I had similar situation. I went to the thread that lists the pen makers who are willing to do commissions. You are looking at $170-250 to have the bodies made for you. I was surprised. I have some great custom nibs that I would love to build pens around, I just wasn't that motivated. I thought about doing this for myself....BUT I am mechanically incompetent and thus cannot do this sort of work. If you are competent with a lathe and all that good stuff, I'd suggest you make those into beautiful pens. The custom pens are absolutely worth the cost when you get something special that is exactly what you want.


OR read up on Franken pens - now this is pretty darn cool too. You take different parts and put them all together. _InkyFingers did a Frankenpen of a Sheaffer nib on a TWSBI body. I'm not sure about the style, but it's finally a body that can hold enough ink to support that nib.

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Frankenpens! That's pretty cool. I'll look that up. Now I have to go scour the second-hand stores and see if they have castaways.

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