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Kingsley Chequer



I bought this pen in London. A very nice looking pen. I didn't even know this brand exists till I bought it.

The Packaging

This pen comes in a gift box. I bought a set of a ballpoint and a fountain pen because I got it cheaper than a single fountain pen.


The Body

The variant I happened to choose was the gunmetal one. I like the body of this pen. Gunmetal color with engraved grid on the barrel. It looks perfect.

Clip & Pocket Looks
The clip is fairly hard but it looks nice in a shirt pocket. As to the finial, there's nothing but a reflective metal as you can see in the picture.




The Cap
Cap is snap fit. The sound of that snap is very loud and secured.

Filling Mechanism
This is a cartridge converter pen with standard international cartridges. The box comes with a cartridge but without a converter.


Writing Experience

This pen came with an iridium point medium nib. My experience with this pen was pathetic. As you can see in the image, it feathers a lot, almost on ask the papers I tried. I have tried fixing it but couldn't fix it to my satisfaction.




Posting makes this pen a little top heavy but not too much.



I bought a set of this pen and a ball pen for £37.50 (₹3700 approx). Strange thing is, it was available as a single product for £49.99. There must have been some promotion at that time. Because as I still check the price while writing this review, it costs you £49.99 for the fountain pen and £25 for the ball pen.

General Info & Measurements

Locking Mechanism: Snap fit
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge Converter
Posted: 14.2 cm
Capped: 13.4 cm
Uncapped: 11.8 cm
Capped Weight (Uninked): 28.3g
Uncapped Weight (Uninked): 16.5g

My Ratings (after I worked a lot on the nib)
Nib: 3/10
Looks: 7.5/10
Pocket Looks: 8/10
Writing Experience: 4/10
Wetness: 6/10
Scratchiness: 5/10
Cost: 7/10

Overall Rating: 6/10


Do let me know how you like the review.
Follow my blog: https://pen5um.wordpress.com



Disclaimer: This review is all about my personal views about a product especially the one I have used (for this review). You may come across a same model which you might find better or worse.

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