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Aurora 88 Serial Number And Year Estimation

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Having read several times about this attempt to establish a date based on the serial number, I had already expressed my doubts, due to the fact that the assumptions with which the correspondence tables were constructed were completely arbitrary, lacking a certain dating of any specimen of this pen that would allow to associate a number to a date.

Today this is no longer true, since it has been possible to ascertain with certainty that the number 26921 was sold on September 27, 1948 (the images of the pen with the warranty card with the date can be seen on this page: https://forum.fountainpen.it/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=23439).
This certainly allows to disprove the initial part of the above mentioned tables. The production of the first years was certainly much slower than what is reported in these tables.

One point, however, is still too little to give an estimate, even a very rough one, of the trend of the distribution.



Fountain Pen Wiki - www.FountainPen.it

Fountain pen Chronology (need help to improve...)

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