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David Oscarson Les Quatre Couleurs


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David Oscarson Les Quatre Couleurs

The four suits now used in most of the world – Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs – originated in France about 1480. The Spade represents nobility or aristocracy; the Heart represents the Church or Clergy; the Diamond represents merchants or the wealthy and the Club represents peasantry with its reference to clover, or the food of swine.

The Quatre Couleurs Collection incorporates multiple levels of guilloché engraving and a combination of translucent and opaque hard enamel. The entire body of each pen is first cut down to the level of the background, leaving the outer and inner lines of the four suits and decorative filigree motif in high relief. Translucent and opaque enamels are repeatedly kiln-fired and filed by hand, resulting in the beautiful and enduring finish of true Hard Enamel.

For inquiries email us at orders@airlineintl.com

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