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The National seems to be rather an obscure German brand, not often mentioned on fountain pen forums. As far as I can say their pens were of good quality but that's it; of no spectacular design and lacking far reaching innovation.


Probably the most comprehensive historical account can be found on the already defunct Collectible Stars web page: http://www.collectiblestars.de/Angloamer.html


I have a feeling that there is more to this brief history. Meanwhile, one of my few Nationals:



National Favorit (74), F, ?1930s

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There is some sort of a link between the company in Munich and Liverpool, and the name Curzon is significant in this respect. Someone somewhere even claimed that the Angloamers were British pens. My guess is that the first pens were made of parts manufactured in different countries, including nibs imported from New York. Well, I believe that there are wise men around who may hold the answers.


Angloamer adverts from British press in 1905 (source: eBay):





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Time to time, on various forums pops up a topic of a mysterious Dignitar pen (or pens):





Because of similarities to some Nationals I used to assume that it was one of the company's models. Unfortunately, some pens resemble output of other brands and in the result my theory kept failing.


My recent best guess follows the clues from the following thread




where in the last post Kumbrandl mentiones the Dignitar Pen company in Zagreb (1930-41). I think it is possible that the Dignitars were simply renamed pens made by several German brands between 1930 and 41, possibly with some lesser alterations to respective original models.



Dignitar King Pen 450 (by National), 30s, 125 mm.

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