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We've had a lot of requests to 'bring back the pouches' and package Blackstone Ink in them. We received a lot of feedback and comments when we first introduced ink in plastic pouches and we've taken a lot of this into account this time.


We received a lot of positive comments about the environmentally friendly aspects of the pouches but the major criticism we received was that the cost savings did not override the extra time and effort involved in decanting the pouches and that the pouches were difficult to decant with the spout in the centre.


We've addressed both these issues this time. Our new, even tougher, glossy white pouches have a side spout which makes it much easier to pour without spilling. We have also reduced the cost per ml from 18.3 cents per ml (first pouches) to 11.9 cents per ml and 10.9 cents per ml in the set of six colours.. The same ink in 30ml PP bottles is 26.5 cents per bottle.


The new 50ml plastic pouches cost $AUD5.95 for a 50ml pouch.


We only have a limited number of pouches available this time and depending on the feedback we get, we will look into introducing larger sizes and including a pouch version for all of our inks.


Please feel free to offer any comments, suggestions or advice about ink in plastic pouches. I value everyone's opinions and always try to take the community's views into account.








Kevin Watson
Blackstone Ink :: JustWrite Pen Company, Australia
Website: www.justwrite.com.au www.blackstone.inkEmail: info@justwrite.com.au

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I have always LOVE the pouches. I never had an issue with the previous ones and the cost savings when shipping overseas (I am in Canada).. were the best.


I am EXTREMELY HAPPY they are back... and hope they are here to stay. The enhancements are a plus!!!.



Thanks so much Kevin... you are the BEST!!! :wub: :wub:





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Just ordered a set.


Also, look what else they have ---




7 cents a ml for the bestest ink evah!!!


Be still my beating heart. I'm going to have to go off and have a quiet lie down.


For the less profligate there is --




That's at 14 cents per ml.



Blackstone Inks New Products

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I am running into a problem here. I tried to order three of the pouches, but get stuck on the delivery options and I cannot continue checking out. Shipping to my remailer would negate every advantage of this!

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