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Ink Review: Monteverde Malibu Blue


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Monteverde's revamped line of inks recently got my attention for their comprehensive lineup of clear, distinct hues, as well as good value. A 90ml bottle can be had for about $13-$15 USD from the better known online retailers in the United States, making it a very good deal.
Monteverde touts their "ITF Technology". From Monteverde's promotional material, here's how it claims to benefit us writers:

Fountain Pen Ink with ITF™ Technology
  • Ink Treatment Formula
  • Improves Ink Flow
  • Extends Cap-off Time
  • Lubricates Feeding System
  • Improves Ink Drying Time
At my recent visit to the 2017 LA Pen Show, Monteverde gave a free bottle of Malibu Blue ink to all show attendees. A company representative had all their inks available for sampling with swabs, as well as show discounts.
I brought home four bottles of Monteverde ink, and post-show I've purchased a few more online.
  • Malibu Blue
  • Capri Blue
  • Horizon Blue
  • Sapphire Blue
Monteverde also offers two blues I am missing: Caribbean Blue (turquoise), and a Blue-Black. I am posting individual reviews for each of the four Monteverde inks I have.
I filled a variety of pens with these four inks, with nibs ranging from fine to double-broad stubs. Here's a snapshot from my Bullet Journal Ink Log, showing the pen/ink assignments and a writing sample from each.
Monteverde Malibu Blue
This is a "washable" blue ink, that is very much like the standard blue ink you see from most pen manufacturers. Monteverde sells an ink eradicator that can "erase" this ink. Monteverde gave away sample ink eradicators at the show, but I haven't tried mine yet.
Clairefontaine paper sample.
Monteverde Malibu Blue is a light blurple, or "blue-purple" ink.
This ink goes down deep and dark, and lightens considerably as it dries. The scan here is the dried writing on Clairefontaine paper.
Malibu Blue has a light amount of shading on Tomoe River paper. I didn't notice any sheening.
This ink ranked third amongst the inks tested for flow and wetness. Loaded in my Cross ATX, wtih a super-wet, medium nib, it puts down a slightly wet line.
Malibu Blue is noticeably more lubricated than the average ink that I put into my cross ATX. Lubrication is good.
This ink has some "stiction" to it - there's a little bit of resistance at the beginning and end of every pen stroke, though mid-stroke the nib feels lubricated. I've only noticed this with Monteverde inks, and it's common to them. In this review, I've noticed it with Malibu, Horizon, and Sapphire Blue.
Dry Time
Dry times with this ink were moderate, about 30 seconds, on Clairefontaine paper.
Malibu Blue performed medium-well in the feathering test on cheap office pad paper. Some feathering is noticeable but isn't too objectionable.
Malibu Blue has light bleedthrough on cheap office pad paper.
Water Resistance
Malibu Blue is not a water-resistant ink in the 10 second water immersion test.


Clairefontaine paper sample.

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Seems like just another royal blue, königsblau, bleu royal... not really special.


I would tend to agree. I would not have bought this ink if Monteverde had not given it to me for free.


That said, if you want a non-threatening color that is good for business use, this would work well.

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Good review but this ink is too "ordinary"-looking to me. Apparently nothing "wrong" with it, no "failure", but it doesn't rake any enthusiasm out of me.



Life is too short to drink bad wine (Goethe)

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Very nice review. Because of the price of the ink, I may have to try a bottle.

"Today will be gone in less than 24 hours. When it is gone, it is gone. Be wise, but enjoy! - anonymous today




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