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A Nice Find In My Drawer

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I bought this little ringtop months ago and put it in my "to be repaired" drawer because one of the cap rings is a little bent. I came upon it last night while looking for something else, filled it and started writing. A nice little medium point, very flexy. I let a co-worker play with it and if they find me in the parking structure with a head wound and the pen gone, the cops should finger him.

Here's a picture - it's a very dark blue:


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That's a really interesting pen I think. Are there slightly lighter blue areas on it? I think it must be the rarer variant of the 1920s 52 colour which was normally Lapis.


My compliments - I wish I had a drawer with pens like that inside!



fpn_1428963683__6s.jpg “The pen of the British Empire” fpn_1423349537__swan_sign_is.jpg

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I put a strong light on it, and it's Lapis. Maybe a polish will bring it out. It's almost black right now.

It was in the drawer because of the bent ring, which I may take to my intrepid jeweler...when I give up writing with it.

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