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Alright, I've got a search challenge related to several practical limitations.


I'm a hook handed lefty that has been using ef to med nib fountain pens for everything, but I've recently run into a problem where I can't find notebooks that fit my needs. The following preferences for the notebook are in order of relative necessity.

  1. The notebook has to be bound, glued, or otherwise spiral free (because spirals are murder).
  2. It has to be either grid or dot graph.
    • Preferably 3 mm-4 mm
    • I'm not opposed to it being a nonstandard graph such as isometric graph, because, why not.
  3. I have to be able to fit a regular set of lectures in it.
    • e.g. it needs to hold approx 100 pages of notes and have fp friendly paper.
  4. I want it to be somewhere between B5 and A5 although a little bigger or smaller isn't a deal breaker.
  5. I prefer it to be a simple cover... nothing too fancy: simple softback or hardback are fine.

I usually can find something that meets 2 of these specifications at once, but rarely can I find something that meets 3-4 of them, and I have yet to have found something that meets all 5. I would be deeply impressed if someone found something that met all of these things.


May your bandwidth be wide,

Alexander O.

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Clairefontaine fits your requirements. Although, as a lefty myself, I love the paper but I find it can sometimes take a while to dry. EF shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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Rhodia makes a square gridded notebook.


Clairefontaine fits your requirements. Although, as a lefty myself, I love the paper but I find it can sometimes take a while to dry. EF shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Thanks for the suggestions! Aren't both of these 5 mm? Also I've been looking at Clairefontaine (which is the paper for both of these I believe). It looks like a nice option, I was hoping I could find something in 3 or 4 mm ruling, though.

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Haven't seen any with that small grid.



Life Noble Section

Apica Premium CD Section


The Apica is generally more readily available. I think they're both available in B5 & A5. The Life Noble has 100 sheets while the Apica Premium CD has 96 sheets. Both are well beyond the 100 page requirement. Apica Premium is well known for being exceptionally smooth while Life has some tooth. Both are FP friendly.


Can also go for the Stalogy 365 B5 but the lines are pretty faint and more expensive than other options, but you'd have way more than enough paper in it. (I think it has about 180 sheets) Paper is somewhat like Tomoe River but it's the slightly thicker kind. I use the A6 as my journal and shove it in my back pocket and abuse the heck of it. FP friendly but don't use a gusher on it or a flex.

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Have you thought about printing your own grid lines? There are several websites that have templates for doing this and some, like this ONE offer adjustable grid size.

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You probably would like one of the Graphilo notebooks:




Unfortunately, they do not ship directly outside of Japan, so you have to use a buying service such as White Rabbit Express, which adds to the cost. The quality of the paper is superb, though, and the grid is 3.5 mm.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! It seems I have a little bit larger of a selection to consider now. I'll take a look!

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