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Conid Minimalistica Vs. Regular?

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I've always preferred the softer rounder lines of the Full Demo Minimalistica, much closer to the beautiful fluid design(s) of the CAISO King Size; the Regular Bulkfiller seems a little more staid, severe, ... engineered .


I had the Regular and sold it when Conid finally decided to produce the Full Demo Minimalistica.




Both write beautifully . It took me a day or two to adjust to the non section of the Minimalistica, noticeably thicker than the concave section on the Bulkifller.


"... the cap of the Minimilastica can be a bit of a hassle, while the threaded cap of the Bulkfiller is perfection."


My experience is the opposite. I like the push cap on the Minimalistica and the Regular seemed to be a little less than perfect when the barrel unscrewed itself from the cap while clipped into my jacket pocket.



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Sorry to revive a latent thread. I ordered the new Minimalistica from Fontoplumo as it's a LOVELY pen with the orange ebonite end caps. I ordered the nib in fine and it writes very well. However as I continue to use it, the nib writes wetter and wetter and I don't really have to unscrew the piston to let the ink flow. Has this got something to do with the metal rod at the end of the nib housing?

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