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Pilot Con-70 Behaving Badly

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I have a Pilot Custom 74 with a CON-70 converter. Getting the converter filled is no problem, but ink flow is. The problem does not seem to be air bubbles. Rather, the black rubber piece that falls down to create the seal when filling the converter falls down while I am writing and thereby cuts off the ink supply.


Is there a way of preventing this?


Many thanks.

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Thank you for your reply.


I have had it for a month. And I'm using it with Pelikan Brilliant Brown, which is not especially thick.


The plunger moves fairly freely, but gravity means it does tend to sit at the bottom. I'd rather not have to turn the pen upside down to dislodge it every fifteen minutes while writing, which is what I am currently doing.

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IMO, something is mechanically wrong, and I would ask for a replacement - my little rubber stopper thing will NOT go down and plug the hole unless I press the button at the end. It's empty right now, and I'm doing all in my power to get it to go down far enough to plug the hole, and it refuses (unless I push the button). For that matter, the rubber piece won't move at all, it's the rod which moves up and down when I tip the converter.

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Incidentally, that ink is pretty dry. My Pilots don't love Pelikan inks generally. I don't find it a very successful combo. Ymmv

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I concur with ink-syringe. The rubber piece falls down in the converter, but it doesn't plug it up. The feeds are usually pretty dry because it's tuned for a Japanese market. I would try it with a wetter ink (some Diamine inks, some Noodler's inks) and see if that fixes it.

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Also, you need to confirm that the issue is with the converter. Switch to a Pilot cartridge with Pilot ink and use the pen for a full cartridge worth of writing to see if the problem continues.


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