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What Does Daytone/glare Dark Grey Look Like?


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Hi guys, I need help again with something I am planning to buy. The sparse mentions of Daytone "Dark Grey" online describe it as a blue-black but with no image to add context. The closest I have found that show the ink are this and this. Is there some green in it?


But then the listing for Glare ink (supposedly the exact same ink) doesn't show any green and is almost indistinguishable with "Blue-Black".


I have attached the swab sample from the Amazon.in listing of Daytone below but anyone who has relied on the Noodler's and Private Reserve manufacturer-supplied swabs would know to ask for confirmation/a second opinion first. :lol:



Hero #232 Blue-Black is my Waterman Florida Blue.


Your Kilometrage May Vary (#ykmv), a Philippine blawg about ink and fountain pens.

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dark grey is actually like blue black...

i will be reviewing it today...

will share link..

vaibhav mehandiratta

architect & fountain pen connoisseur


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