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Remove Feed On Aurora 88P


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I have a semi-vintage (1950s) Aurora 88P which leaks blobs of ink from the feed junction with the barrel when the well-fitting cap is removed, but not otherwise. What is needed to fix this please? I exclude cheerfully drilling a hole through the end of the cap to break the vacuum ;)

If needed, how do I safely go about removing the feed? Of what important points should I be aware for re-assembly?


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Hi Praxim,


Is the leak from the nib end of the section or the section-barrel join?


There's not a lot you can do inside the section to address this problem. I've found, in my own experience, that the Ps leak more from the nib than the Ks or earlier pens. The main thing to be 100% about is the piston seal. If there is any hint of a leak there, removing the cap could create a vacuum and draw ink into the feed, flooding it, and by extension, air behind the ink through the seal.


If it were my pen, I'd simply strip it down, give it a good clean, and reassemble with fresh seals and sealing.


The section is attached to the barrel with section sealant, most likely. This takes a bit of heat to make gooey and then the section screws off. The feed and nib then come FORWARD out of the section (this is counterintuitive).


Good luck!

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Thank you for that ralfstc.


Based on what you say, I now suspect the seal. To answer your query, the leak is from the nib end of the section. I had already cleaned the pen, removing the section and sealing the threads to stop a leak there. It was after those problems were solved that I found this residual problem at the nib end. It looks like I shall have to attack the problem of a new seal.


The pen has a fine nib and writes very nicely so the effort should be worth it. Is there a reference on that for Aurora? I found one here where all of the explanatory images had broken links, and my pen repair book is silent about the brand.


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I found the threads I needed for my query and was set to contact fountainbel for a replacement seal cartridge when I noticed that the problem had stopped. I am still testing but now fairly confident about that. There are two reasons I imagine for this change. It may be that wetted with ink, the fibre washers expanded enough to stop the air gap. Alternatively, the silicone grease I added to the lower barrel wall may have taken effect.


I recall that with my first 88 I received a comment from the seller that the pen would arrive with water in the barrel and should be stored the same way to prevent drying of the seal. The seller of this 88P did not do the same. For my own use I am happy with silicone grease on the seal to serve that function.


Edit: typo

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