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Waterman Ideal Info Request


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My dad gave me what I think is a vintage (maybe 60s) Waterman Ideal fountain pen. The nib is gold, marked "Watermans" and has some flex. The cap is marked Waterman, Ideal, Made in England.

The sac has cracked and I need a new aerometric converter but it appears to be crimped on (I don't want to force anything until I understand how it can be removed).


I have added 5 photos below:




-ideal marking

-aerometric converter


I would be interested in knowing more specifically the date range of the pen, anything interesting about it and whether the converter can be removed (if so, how), and what I need as a replacement unit. It would be great to get this working again.






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Interesting pen. You may want to give Ron Zorn a message if no one else is able to help you.

"If brute force has failed to yield the desired result, it simply means you've failed to yield enough force."

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