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Dating Recent Montblanc 146


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Dear All,


Hope that some of the experts here are able to help me. I am moving my interest from vintage to newer versions. Thanks to the various discussions here on dating I think I have a general clue on how to date the vintage versions. However, I now would like to buy the very latest version of the normal 146 (but still preferably 'used', in order to get it a bit cheaper).


So my questions are the following:

  • when was the latest change in the standard 146?
  • what were the changes (internally? use of the 'pink bubblegum'? externally?) and, most importantly, how can I recognise the latest version?

Many thanks for your help!!




p.s. would that be the same for the 149?

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According to this thread, the "modern" 146 was standardized in 1992, with a 14K two-tone nib and striated ink window. There have been some alterations to authentication markings, most notably a period where "Pix" was stamped under the clip, then eventually on the cap band and under the clip, and the most modern 146s have "Made in Germany" and "Metal" underneath the clip (my 146 platinum, purchased last summer has the latter though I have a 145 from the mid-2000s with "Pix" on the cap band and under the clip). The generation before that was the 1970s~1980s model, which was ever so slightly smaller both in width and length, with a monotone 14k nib and non-striated ink window. There were some minor changes to the feed over that time and there are some early transition models with a blue ink window rather than a grey one.


The 146 has basically looked identical since 1992, though, and most pens you see for sale that aren't marked "Vintage" or something like that will be "modern".

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Thanks for the clarification. I was aware of the older thread, but I thought that there might have been changes again since then. E.g. I thought I read somewhere that Montblanc has stopped using the pink bubble gum in the section, but I might have misunderstood.


Thanks again! Lucas

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