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Yiren Bookworm Vs Jinhao 675


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Hello all.


Yiren Bookworm and jinhao 675 are basically the same pen. Or are they?


The Yiren is 4 or 5 times the price of the jinhao. Is there any reason for that?


Just seller choice, or is there actually a difference in the martial used to make the pen. I understand Yiren claims to use celluloid. Does jinhao clarion the same?


Is that really celluloid? Is jinhao not?


Hope to hear from you all.




I have a Yiren Bookworm coming my way so want to know where it stands.

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I've already got the Yiren as part of a joblot. I was surprised that the Yiren is only available for lots more, whereas the Jinhao is easily £3.5 or so.


Somebody tell me I got the better one please. ^_^; WIth chinese pens, I always suppose they are all the same quality with different brandings in order to get different prices. This time, I'm hoping there is something about the Yiren that justifies its price.


And oh, it was supposed to arrive yesterday but it didn't. ¬_¬

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Here is a Yiren I received as a gift from my wife. I know it was inexpensive, but that is belied by the appearance of this pen. The detailing is remarkable. It's heavy, lustrous plastic, but with inlaid chrome. It takes standard cartridges (I use Waterman) and writes very well. Its a beefy pen, but well-balanced. I have no idea of the model, 3011 is stamped at the base of the threads where the cartridge is inserted. In fact, that is also the only place I could find the name-Yiren. The nib is two-tone, but just barely, with the Book Worm logo in script.


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> Yiren Bookworm and jinhao 675 are basically the same pen. Or are they?


At least, they look the same. And I bought the Yiren. Another 5 USD wasted. :wacko:

So, I now just buy the Jinhao 675 too. Another 3 USD to go down. No donuts today.

We'll see then if there are any differences.


There are variations in different lots, sometimes quite big differences, e.g different nibs. Nobody seems to have any control. Most probably, ebay vendors just buy on Alibaba and not directly with the the manufacturer. Most probably, you need to buy thousands of pens that a manufacturer deals with you directly. Otherwise, they even don't answer your mails.

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