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Help Identifying This Oxford


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I recently managed to get this wahl Oxford, while it was in a bad shape the nib was good an after a sac replacement and a through cleaning and minor polish it was back to its former glory.


my question is can anyone give me more information about it and the model, and given that it came with an omas nib (super flex), would you say that it was a frankenpen?


Many thanks







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It started out life as a Wahl Oxford twist filler (1937-9 fish). Someone replaced/modified the twist filler mechanism into a push button filler using a parker type bow presser bar and traditional sac. These twist fillers did not use a conventional sac. There was a "sac" but it was merely an attached to the spring loaded twister and when twisted it expelled the little bit of air it contained and when it was released the twisted sac untwisted and drew ink into the barrel (not into a sac). 5 twists and releases and the pen drew up 5 batches of ink, one twist at a time until the barrel was full.

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