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Serendipitous Ink Blends


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I thought I would start a thread on Serendipitous Ink Blends. These are blends where you mix a couple of inks for some reason and then find that they have combined to give you a much nicer ink than you were expecting.


My first of this is the blend I called Majestic Havasu.


A few weeks after I posted it, Diamine brought out their own version and called it ASA Blue, and it is now one of Diamine's more popular Blues.


My next example is Amberleadavis' Noodler's Inkyman Sapphire, which came about when she mixed two Noodler's inks - La Couleur Royale and Navajo Turquoise. This turned out to be a close replica of Parker Penman Sapphire.


My final example is what I call my Serendipitous Blend #1. This is blended from two Akkerman inks. The first is #5 - Shocking Blue, and the second is #8 - Diep Duinwaterblauw.


What other serendipitous blends have people made?


Please write the recipes up and post them in the Recipes forum.


I have put up an Ink Blend Evaluation Form here, which makes it easier to list a blend and describe its features.


Happy Blending!!!


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Great topic! Unfortunately, I have none to share (yet). My one accidental mix is my "Pot of Blue" which is basically my throw jar of ink I want to move on from or if I want to change inks without having to write a pen empty. It's a pretty good performing blue-black (right now) that has gotten a few compliments from friends but due to the nature of its birth I do not know the component inks nor the ratios.


I look forward to more productive comments from our friends here at FPN. :D

Hero #232 Blue-Black is my Waterman Florida Blue.


Your Kilometrage May Vary (#ykmv), a Philippine blawg about ink and fountain pens.

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