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Something Fell Out And I Couldn't Find It


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Howdy y'all, this beauty caught my eye while accepting donations at a thrift store. I knew nothing about fountain pens at the time other than loving the way it felt around my neck and except for exploring the Caren line of pens I'm at the same level of ignorance. I'm aware that I need something to deliver ink and would appreciate suggs on which vendor I should use. I would also be very grateful for any additional information I can use to brag about my sweet pen. I opened the pin in the parking lot where I got it and I'm almost positive the small piece fell out that I could never find. I might be mistaken because I found a similar one online and didn't see any additional pieces in the pictures that were posted. It says Caran D'Ache Swiss gold plated ,,g,, and a symbol. Does it have a name or style type? Minus a case of some type and an ink vessel is this pen complete? Thanks in advance to anybody who's got a second to holler back


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Most of the fountain pen parts are absent. There is a fair beginning toward a ballpoint pen.

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