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Identification Of A Possible Early Pilot Deluxe Lady


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Can you help me to identify the attached pen. It is a Pilot, and according to its shape and nib it is a Deluxe. On the nib it is indicated H278, so it was made in 1978. On the label with Japanese characters states “Lady”.

So I assume that it must be a Pilot Delux Lady from 1978. But, it is not the classical Deluxe. Just look at the three rings on the end of the section. I have never seen this design before.

Anyone has seen already this model? Thank you in advance.


​The only way I can show the pen is by this links:


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Thank you for confiramation. So it seems that it is a rare Deluxe. I have got it as a generous gift from somebody who worked for Pilot before his retirement. However it would be nice to see all the models made by the company.

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