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Again..new Kingsize Bulkfillers In Composite Material


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Hi all,

I just can't stop.....just finished two Kingsize Bulkfiller prototypes made in a new composite material.
My primary goal of making all these prototypes is to evaluate machinability off the material and check in how far there are risks for gradual ink penetration over time.
Machinability proved to be good, ink penetration tests still ongoing
i expect Conid will get crazy being confronted again with my new prototypes......
Just as on most vintage celluloid, the pattern is not all around the bar stock , but only on two sectors of approximately 90° which are 180° apart.
This implies the pattern of the 5 parts have to be aligned by doing small manual adaptations on the parts .
What do you think, hope you like them ?
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Beautiful material and execution on the design. Gives me hope for the future with talented folks like you caring about fountain pens design!

It's a small world......but I'd hate to paint it. -Stephen Wright

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A beautiful tease. Any idea when Conid will start offering colorful versions of their pens?

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

Oscar Wilde

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I really love the Red one! Not normally one to go after the flashy materials, but that one does it for me!

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That blue one is gorgeous. So should i start saving my pennies for colorful Conid or order a demonstrator regular in a month or two like i was planning on doing?

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I really like the patterns in the acrylic, but....the colours are too bold for my taste.

They are indeed stunning - and that's my reservation! If a similarly patterned material was available in an understated grey or black, it would be more my cup of tea. I know that sounds a bit boring for some though :mellow:


Of all your Kingsize prototypes Francis, my two favourites are the matte Carbon and the Arco-celluloid in Green. :wub:

Either way, they are fantastic pens and I hope Conid will launch a Limited Edition(s) Kingsize soon!

Pens: Conid Kingsize ebonite (x2)
Inks:   KWZ Dark Brown . KWZ IG Orange . 
Diamine Burnt Sienna . Diamine Ochre



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