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Help To Indentify This A.w.faber-Castell

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I recently bought A.W.Faber-Castell fountain pen, seller didin't know anything about pen. (especially price...) I have many Faber-Castells and Osmias, so I was excepting to find model number and nib grade in back of the pen, like all of them have. But this one, has nothing. There isn't any sign of marking there. Only markings in the pen are in cap band "A.W.Faber-Castell Germany" and in nib "Castell 14KARAT 585"


Also, filling system is broken or it has some weird piston mechanism, or both. Any info about this filling system is welcome too. Piston filling knob retracts when unscrewed and then it operates the piston. It is closed by pressing and turning it, but then it don't operate the piston. Even if it looks broken, there is clearly some broken plastic underside of knob, it operates piston without any problem.


Any help with dating this pen? I was guessing that I may be after dropping osmia in branding, but that A.W thing confuses me. So maybe its before Osmia?


And here is the pics!




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I couldn't edit my post, so...


I looked other a.w.faber-Castell models on fountain pen database and all of them were from 1936. And there was this scale logo, which can be found on this pen cap ring. So this is more likely from same era.

But still, any info about filling-mechanism and pen is welcome.


Also, I like to add that this pen is now working and writes beautiful with fine flex nib.

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It`s the Faber- Castell "Gentleman" from 1949. The Faber Castell "Wertfüller" from 1938 has a similar pattern but a different clip and a different cap top. It also had been made by Osmia but since Faber had the mayority of Osmia stocks they deleted the well known trade mark.

The fp has a a pump mechanism similar to the Vacumatics.

Kind Regards


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Thank you so much Kaweco! I'm really happy, that you regonized this pen! I felt that I couldn't find info anywhere. I was quite much off with date, but this whole Osmia Faber-Castell thing is really confusing. And Finland seems to be place, where weird german pens appear. Like I have Osmia 973, which not say faber-Castell anywhere, but it is piston filler and seems like basic 1950 model.


It's really confusing, that they use same pattern in older pens. By googling faber-Castell gentleman, I find German website and filling system was described there. This pen is piston filler, but with some fancy pop-out mechanism. Actually, when I was cleaning this pen, I was trying to use mechanism as pump, because it would make more sense.


Also, I find very similar looking pen, named diaphragm. I think that is the vacumatics type of filling mechanism? But they have clear ink window, this has kind of weird knurled one. I didn't noticed it first, because it was full of dried ink...


Here is the pic of it.



But sadly, if that german site and google translate is right, back is broken. There should be small hole, like normally in Osmias and Faber-Castells, which is used to take piston unit out. But this one has broken just bellow it and bottom piece is stuck inside. So opening this pen for changing seal, will be hard if not impossible.


Also, I just have to adore this engineering here. Because even if the part is broken, pen can hold ink. The popping out parts seals back of the pen.

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