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Have I Been An Idiot?


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I`ve heard rumors that rarer versions of the Safary will be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in just a few years from now.


Those types of rumors typically get started by people in the business of selling pens on a speculative basis. When you look at the overall fountain pen market and writing instruments in general, the trend is that this will continue to be a shrinking market as we get further entrenched in electronic communications. Some fountain pen manufacturers focus on limited editions designed to appreciate in value over time. Lamy is not one of those manufacturers. In general they manufacture pens designed to be used, not collected. There have been some Lamy pens that have eBay prices around $100-$200 range. However, I wonder whether those pens actually sell. As most have stated in this thread, no one is going to retire from the proceeds of selling an out of production Safari or Al-Star.

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