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Sailor Kingdom Note "fungi Series" Amanita Muscaria


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In May 2014 Kingdom Note came out with a new line of specialty inks from Sailor based on Mushrooms. At that time they were relatively easy to obtain, but only two of the inks were colors that appealed to me then, so I passed on the others. Recently several became available again as they sometimes do, and I decided to get them. I've learned that the little color circle on the box is only the most general idea of the ink color.


The five inks of this series are


Amanita muscaria (red)

Entoloma virescens (light blue)

Stropharia aeruginosa (green)

Mycena pura (pink)

Trametes versicolor (dark blue)


I'd reviewed the two blue inks earlier and the links are above. Normally I don't buy red inks as I rarely have any use for them, they're often too bright, or dry. Occasionally I've bought some Noodler's reds mostly for the label (Park Red, Berning Red) but they rarely make the rotation. But this one seemed different and I decided to give this one a try since I was ordering other KN inks as well.


This ink didn't disappoint. This particular pen has a fairly fine nib and with this ink produced a very nice line. The flow was wet enough, not dry, reasonable dry times, and no problems in handling. And I liked the color. I don't know how it looks in a wide nib. There's a good amount of pink in this red and that's probably why I like it.


Pen: Pelikan M201 (F-steel)

Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory.

Camera: iPhone 7

Depending on the angle of your screen, the ink may appear much darker than real life. The original pictures seem to be darker than my review pages where the writing is simply darker than the page. The ink color approaches a strawberry shade more than the Coca-cola red. I wouldn't say it's a red-orange color either like the box implies.








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Ooooo I like it. Thank you for another wonderful review.

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This was one of my first Sailor shop LEs. Thanks for a great review!

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I adore this ink. I got a sample of it a long time ago. I wish Vanness or somebody would sell it here. KWZ Grapefruit, and Diamine- Sunset is as close as I could get to the sample I had color wise. Close but still not as good as Amanita muscaria to me.

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Great review, very pretty ink!

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B. Russell

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Wonderful review as always. Any ideas where to obtain?

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There is someone in Japan who bought many of the KN inks and has been offering them on eBay.


Otherwise, one must use a forwarder in Japan and order through the KN site. Not sure whether it would be worth the hassle for one bottle of ink, or whether that's cheaper than the high price on eBay!

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