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Any Other It / Networking Folks Around?


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Hello there, I am currently back in school at 31 yrs old to get my Associate in Information Technology / Network Administration. And I also work in the IT field as helpdesk for now, hey you gotta start somewhere.


I love everything about Networking and Networking Administration but I also love fountain pens new and old. I have been really wanting to start using Wax seals for my letters and want to get a custom wax stamper made.


I don't want something generic like my initials. I would really like something related to Networking that would signify my love for the field. Something geeky and awesome to anyone that knew what it was but also still look cool for those that have no idea what it is lol.


I had a few ideas in my head that I tried sketching out but honestly, I'm not a creative person at all. The only thing I really came up with was a cisco router or switch with some ethernet cables coming out of it and some binary 1s and 0s floating along the cable.


So I could use some help and suggestions from people more creative than I who are knowledgeable in networking to maybe help me with some ideas?



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How about the wi-fi symbol?


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Are you even allowed to use pens in IT?


When a guy from our IT company came to upgrade my PC at work, he picked up my Hero 616, uncapped it and stared at the nib for a few seconds before recapping it.


He looked almost like he'd never seen a pen before, yet alone a fountain pen :D


Does the seal have to be specifically to do with networking, or will general PC based stuff also work?


I think the dies of older processors like the P1 look amazing. Search for 'decapped cpu' for some cool photos.

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My experience with wax seals is that you don't get a lot of resolution -- so aim for a simple design that doesn't have fine lines or tiny details. You could do something more complex if you're willing to make the seal larger, but most seals I've seen are close to the size of a US quarter. You may also be able to find waxes that take detail better -- just be cautious that they're not too brittle or they won't make it through the mail.


The WiFi symbol would work, but isn't too personal. Maybe mix it with your favorite animal -- like a tiger with WiFi stripes. Or a snake/dragon doing the ouroboros thing in/around a power-symbol.


You're from Pittsburgh... I can't think how to make the 3 rivers look like anything more than a cracked seal though. Maybe the tripple-hypercycloid with a networking symbol in the empty left-location?

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Herbin will go through the mail.

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