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Sailor Bungbox Fresh Oranges Of Lake Hamana

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Nearly everyone know of Sailor, the Japanese pen and and ink company. Perhaps almost as many people have heard of Bungubox, often just called Bungbox here in the US, the Japanese stationary, pen, and ink shop in Hamamatsu, Japan. Here is a nice google map for you to locate it when you travel to this area of Japan to see the Hamamatsu Castle. :)






The have an extensive line of inks made for them by Sailor, and during the craze for Sailor Japanese store-exclusive inks Bungbox became very popular and with that the price went up, and up. Even in Japan they are much more expensive than other store-exclusive inks. Vanness actually have the Bungubox inks available, but you will but up $43 for a 50 ml bottle. For some, this price is worth it, for the inks are exceptional. I have a number of their inks from before the craze, and a few I got as prices were rising, but so far I have resisted the current nose-bleed prices. Though Sweet Potato Purple was very tempting.


But Fresh Oranges is somewhat legendary among the chasers and collectors as a great orange. Perhaps along the lines of Sailor's Apricot. I've never tried the latter so I cannot say. And I must admit that orange inks are nice, but I often find them to be a little light in value, and therefore, harder for me to read. But they can be very inks especially for cards, notes to friends and family, and your journal writing. Orange is a happy color and one that will never bring you down.


I received a nice sample of this ink awhile back when I first got involved with orange inks. Thank you inky friend!


Many orange inks seem to have flow issues compared with other inks. I think part of that is their lightness, and if you want any other quality you can't have a gusher of an inks. BB Fresh Oranges is very good in that regard. It has great shading. It's a very nice orange ink, not flat. But it is very close to Sailor's Kin-mokusei. They are different, but only you can decide whether you want to spend $18 or $43.


Others will probably be able to explain more on how this ink is, and how it differs from others, and why they love it.


Pens: Edison Premiere (M-steel), Pelikan M400 (F)

Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory.

Camera: iPhone 7

And in comparison with Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-mokusei (2016 edition)
On Rhodia: left, Kin-mokusei, right Fresh Oranges
On more absorbent MvL
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Thank you for another wonderful review of an ink I love. (As dogs chase cars, I admit to pursuit of Orange inks.)


This may be the first "pure Orange" ink I found that was commercially available; MB's Ink of Joy, Gandhi, CAD's Saffron are also wonderful Oranges, but no longer in production. Because this was among the first BB inks I purchased when Vanness made them available, the cost was less than the current increased cost @ $43.00. It was more than many inks, but each ink was unique & because they were Sailor inks, all a joy to use. (I also confess to recently purchasing a new BB that I had avoided because of the price increase; "I refrained a LONG time, but realising I would enjoy the ink & share it with another friend, I relented. It arrived on my birthday & was a perfect treat, as I expected it to be.)


This ink was such a pleasure for me because it was NOT leaning to the frequent red that many other inks described as "Orange" did when I received them. This is NOT always a "bad thing," I recently reordered 4 additional bottles of an ink that does "just this," because I knew many pen friends would appreciate the beauty of the ink. BUT as much as I appreciate the newly discovered ink, it is not for me an "Orange," but a "Red/Orange or Orange/Red."


THIS BB "Lakes" Orange is truly a pure & perfect Orange; I thank you for revisiting it & hope others will appreciate it.

Edited by Barkingpig
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Thank you BarkingPig for the additional comments. It's very true this is a true Orange. And as you mention, many inks claiming to be orange don't appear quite as true an orange in comparison. I know many will appreciate this ink if they decide to get it; even a sample will be worth it.

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The only orange I have is Akkerman #16, which is a dead ringer of the "Dutch Orange" I saw all over while living there as an expat. This is a very lovely color and I would actually consider picking up a sample. Thank you for the awesome review.

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Thanks for your review and comparison. I've been thinking about ordering a sample, but based on this, I'll probably just stick with the plain Sailor. I like brighter orange inks, so this was perfect for what I needed to know.

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