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Namiki Vanishing Point (Older Version)

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Hello, I own a older Namiki Vanishing Point that I have had for many years and use it rarely because it seems to hold almost no ink and starts streaking after a few lines.

I like its portability, but is too frustrating to use.

Is there something I can do to remedy this problem?
Can I change from the squeeze converter to a screw converter?
Is there some way to get it to draw in more ink?

Photos below.

Thank you,



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Have you tried the Pilot Converter that comes with the current VPs?


Other than that, you could always fill the aerometric converter that you have with an ink syringe.

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CAG Thank you. I will try that. Any suggestion how to avoid it drying up and streaking when their is still ink in the cartridge?

Thank you.

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Does the "trap door" shut tightly? With older VP's, ink can build up and prevent a tight seal. You may need to flush the barrel with water and dry thourghly with warm air. That is one thought.

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