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Two Cuts And A Small Bend To Make Your Jinhao Flex Like A Zebra G

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Obviously you won't get 3mm+ lines like the Zebra G, but you will get the ease at which the tines spread -actually, I think it might be easier! (hard to say without a scale, but it's close). I would expect at most 2.5mm. You can easily go farther but you'll cause deformation (the tines won't touch), however, that can be easily fixed by bending the tines downward.


Basically you make one vertical cut, one horizontal cut, and bend the end of the tines downward. Before you say it, yes I know there are two horizontal cuts; the smaller one was incorrect placement on my part, so I did the full cut below where it should be. A properly done version will have two cuts only.

The horizontal cut, as opposed to the cuts to the sides of the tines in the EMF mod, encourages the tines to mostly splay outward when they flex by placing the "pivot point" of the tine on the curved sides of the nib. This type of cut was inspired by the Leonardt Principal nib, probably one of the most flexible nibs currently made.


I've to say, I'm quite excited to try this with a better quality, finer steel nib; the lack of pressure needed encourages a light hand (which I prefer) and is similar to my vintage gold nibs.

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"This type of cut was inspired by the Leonardt Principal nib,"

Looks to my eye as Cross of Lorraine.

VIVE LA FRANCE.....Madeleine Lebeau, Rick's Cafe


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"This type of cut was inspired by the Leonardt Principal nib," viju this will explain.


Note the shape of the breather hole.

Article by John Mottishaw @ nibs dot com

The Anatomy of a Nib

Cross of Lorraine

Flag of Free France World War ll


Actress in movie Casablanca @ 1:40

"Vive La France"Madeleine Lebeau

She and her husband were refugees who fled Paris ahead

of the Wehrmacht. Both were in the movie Casablanca....He played

the croupier Emil in Rick's Cafe'.

Perhaps the Op Synnove will explain.

The how and why.


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Basically it's one cut down the length of the nib to lengthen the slit a little, and one cut across the nib to encourage the tines to bend outward when they flex (as well as to make it easier to flex them). I did this with a dremel disc cutter, though I would encourage anyone doing this to make the cuts with a much finer disc than what I used as the holes are much too big for practical use given that ink can easily escape.

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Thank you Freddy. Now everything make sense perfectly. Thank you so much.





My pleasure.








two plus two equal four


fact or fiction

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On a whim I bought twenty Jinhao nibs for the enormous price of about $1.98 (free shipping). I've used a few to practice nib grinding with my (knockoff) Dremel tool.


Now I have another project to play with in pursuit of my "Ultimate (Cheap) Flex Fankenpen"


Vive La Flex!!

Ink has something in common with both money and manure. It's only useful if it's spread around.

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