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Mini-Review: Miquelrius Candy Code Notebook, Grid Rule

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Large grid-ruled Candy Code 4-subject Notebook

Manufacturer: Miquelrius

As an aficionado of grid/graph/squared/quad ruled paper, finding good paper at a price I'm willing to pay is a challenge. The Miquelrius Candy Code 4-subject Notebook in the large size with grid ruling is a current favorite of mine.


The large size in grid rule has 140 A4 sheets of 70 g paper which are spiral bound, and are perforated for easy removal. The sheets have 4 holes on the left margin. This suits my purposes, since I use book rings to keep loose sheets together. If you want to use the sheets with a US three-ring binder, you'll need to punch additional holes (and trim the top margin).

Each page's ruling, heading box, and right margin are printed in one of four colors: orange, green, red, or blue. I would prefer one color per notebook, but Miquelrius' one-subject notebooks have far fewer sheets.

Bleedthrough is non-existent with all of the pens (extra fine, fine, and medium nibs) and inks I've used with this notebook. Feathering with extra fine and fine nibs is non-existent, and with the lone medium nib I tested it is minimal. Showthrough is minor with extra fine and fine nibs, except for my wettest fine which causes moderate showthrough.

Pens and inks used in the photos below:

Pilot Prera fine, KWZ IG Red no. 3

Pilot Prera fine, R & K Solferino

Pilot Prera fine, KWZ IG Turquoise

Waterman Phileas extra fine, Iroshizuku Kon-peki

Waterman Phileas extra fine, Namiki Blue

Pilot Custom 74 fine, Iroshizuku Aji-sai

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 fine, R & K Alt-Goldgrun

Pilot Custom 823 fine, Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun

Bexley Jitterbug fine, Iroshizuku Yama-budo

Aurora Ipsilon fine, KWZ IG Green no. 4

Pilot Varsity medium, turquoise ink


While there are higher quality notebooks, they also cost more per sheet. I paid US $12.99 for my notebook, which is more than I would like to pay, but is (obviously) not more than I am willing to pay.

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