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One of my daughter's inks hardened and she took it upon herself to microwave it, thinking it would liquify. I realized she was doing this about 5-10 seconds in, and stopped her immediately. The smell emanating from the inkwell and the microwave, though, is horrific. Does anyone know if there is any danger in the fumes produced by doing this?? The ink just says "Aladine" on the front. Thanks!!

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Found a thread about those inks. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/62225-aladine-ink/ Seems to be acrylic ink for dip pens only. When hardened you can't revive it.


I don't think the time was long enough to produce a significant amount of toxics. Which would also depend on the ingridients. Throw the well away, open a window, clean the area and microwave after that.


But the smell is another thing. It might have gone deep into the machinery through the ventilation.


To be absolutly sure you could ask the manufacturer: http://www.aladine.com/

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