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Platinum launches a new addition to their #3776 Century NICE series!


This time its the new color "LILAS" featuring the image of a flower.


The Nice series is inspired by the renowned city located in southern France's Côte d' Azur. This city is blessed with a mild climate, with pouring radiant sunlight something that is expressed through the fountain pen's body.


Its resin transparent body features a sandblasted finish with cut grooves at precise angles which express a contrast between light and shimmering water.


The name LILAS, means lilac in French, using for pink gold metal trims with a pale pink body to evoke the image of the flower. This flower symbolizes friendship, memories of adolescent, innocence and first love, pride and beauty.


The first 2000 fountain pens are Limited Edition coming with a blotter card which includes a serial number.


This edition includes an exclusive packaging with a chrome plating converter and blue black ink cartridge.


For further information or if you would like to make your pre-order please do not hesitate to visit our web or contact us through info@iguanasell.com



Visit our website:


And many more at iguanasell.com


Visit our store: 90, Nuñez de Balboa, (Central Business District) Madrid, Spain.

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Its the stripes etched into the Nice thats the problem for me. I actually had one with a spencerian nib but sold it cos I just didn't like those stripes.


I agree also pink is quite divisive.


Aside from personal taste though they are solid fountain pens.

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I think the girliest pen is the Pink Pelikan M600 that came out around 2015. But I think this one is a close second!


I like pink fountain pens, but I'm gonna have to think about this one...not too sure if I like the rose gold in combination with that pink. Might prefer silver trim.

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I normally don't like pink, but I have fond memories of my mom always having lilacs in a vase on the table when I was young, so I'm tempted by this limited edition. I probably won't end up getting it though because I have 2 3776's already ( though I don't have a medium 🤔).

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