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Italian Celluloid ....

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Chrysler not GM.



This is a proof that I am not very well-versed in cars. Thank you for the correction.




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I'm drooling all over the keyboard and probably going to electrocute myself, I must get a Celluloid pen, but I have bust my budget on Yard O Led :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

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One of my favorite celluloid pens is the Omas Bibliotheque Nationale which an FPN member reviewed several years ago.


Unfortunately I can't post photos anymore cuz I've exceeded my limit.

Jess for you even though it's not celluloid






My Website


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Thanks, Jar! And all these years I thought I had a celluloid pen. It's still pretty awesome. It has such a warmth to it...unlike other acrylic pens I have. Casein, maybe?


ETA: Omas is calling it "vegetal resin"...whatever that is.

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My pens in Italian Celluloid, except for one Oldwin Art Deco in Tibaldi Impero that is with Michael Masuyama for nib grinding.



My "Wild" pens: OMAS 360, OMAS Galileo, Oldwin Classic



OMAS ogivas in (bottom to top) Arco brown, Extra Lucens and Green saft.

The Ogiva in the extra lucens material is from a LE of 30 made for Novelli.



Miscellaneous pens in Italian Celluloid: (top to bottom) Stipula for Mercury, Delta Fusion 82 done for Chatterly, Stipula Etruria de Architectura Alberti, Stipula Florentia Amber


I am not sure the Stipula "amber" is celluloid or a resin, actually.



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I am only convinced of one Omas celluloid pen I have, since it is a pretty new edition, 2015 & even with my "Smoker's Nose," I can still get a good whiff of camphor, when removing the cap from the pen! (It may not be as strong as the smell of my Mother or Grandmother's Camphor bottle, I grew up fascinated by same activity, but it is "there." Strange, I never saw any family member in need of restorative aid of Camphor bottle, but both Grandmother's & my Mother had one on their dresser.)

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