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Mont Blanc Help

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Hi, I'm a long time lurker but I only recently made an account here. I love Mont Blancs and have five of them, but sadly no fountain yet. I recently was using a Starwalker Rollerball I bought at a Mont Blanc Boutique in San Francisco two years ago when I noticed the cap has a wobble to it when it is capped or when it is screwed onto the back. I took it in once to the store in Beverly Hills, and they "tightened it" but I did not notice an improvement. I understand this pen isn't Mont Blanc's finest offering but the poor quality surprised me. I compared it another rollerball Star Walker I have that is much older and it has absolutely no wobble at all. What should I do to have this issue corrected? Should I go back to the boutique and ask them to reexamine it, or should I have it sent off to be repaired. I did repair an older Bordeoux Ball point that had a crack and a bent clip and for $100 they fixed it very well but I don't want to pay to have an issue I believe is a defect repaired. If any other pictures or information is helpful please let me know.

Thank you,




U.C. Berkeley Economics | Public Policy

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Weird. Could be a lapse in quality control. I would raise this very gently with MB service.

I'd definitely have them fix it.

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Thank you for the advice. I don't think I have done anything to it to make it wobble. It lives in the box and when I use it to write I'm extremely careful. This pen commemorated something sincere to me so I don't use it much. Should I take it to the store, or call? And thank you again for the help.

U.C. Berkeley Economics | Public Policy

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