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Does This Pen Have A Name?

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Is this pen recognised by anyone? Other than the TT emblem, I cannot find anything online. Looking up TT on google brings up the new kickstarter project that has these initials, and this is not made by them.


This pen has a rather broad nib. The metal of the tip of the nib is made of the same nib, not like iridium points which is welded. The shape of this point from the side is like a big arc. I thought this pen has a lot of flow, very wet, and perhaps qualifies as broad.


The converter is proprietary, it screwes onto the back and seems to hold a large amount of ink, if only you could fill the whole of it with one pull. If you dip the pen in the bottle and pull that thing, you'll hardly get a quarter of the converter filled.


Right now I'm using it for..... wait for it... drum roll........ printer ink mixes! :yikes:


If anybody has a name to put on it, something which you didn't make up unless it's very cool, and an opinion of it, then I would like to hear from you.









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It looks like an Italian school pen with a syringe filler (permanent, rather than a cartridge converter) from the 1950s or '60s. I don't know what the "TT" logo stands for; I believe there were a number of brands though, and Google might eventually lead you to the answer (unless someone like Giovanni Abrate pops in and provides it).

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I have tried google, but there is a new fountain pen kickstarter project with these initials and all i get on google is that result. :(

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