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Pilot Nib Running Dry After Few Words


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My recently purchased Pilot Custom Heritage 92 will run very (especially on the upstrokes) dry after only a few words, but when i leave the pen for a couple of seconds it writes fine again


I have tried everything to remedy this


I have the Medium Fine Nib, and my ink is Pilot iroshizuku kon-peki


I do not want to widen the tines because when it is not dry it is the perfect line width for me


Is this a nib or a feed problem.



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I would send it back/take it back. Maybe they can adjust it. Back forty or fifty years ago, when many people still used fountain pens, it was usual for a pen to work well right out of the box. Apparently this no longer applies. The seller should be able to adjust it, though. Sometimes a modest adjustment can make a world of difference.


Unless you bought the pen used, I would not recommend trying to do remedies yourself. I would let the seller do it. Members might recommend very strongly this cure or that one, but messing with it yourself kind of interferes with the buyer seller relationship, where, if the seller is to make adjustments, it's not fair for the buyer to fiddle with the adjustment.

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Listen to Pajaro. Fiddling with it yourself can void the warranty, and make eventual repair more difficult and expensive. A feed problem is most likely, but it could be a nib issue as well.

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Ah, remember the CH92 is Pilot's piston filler Jar. Could be an issue with the two part feed, if someone has fiddled with it. My CH92 B nib was quite poorly ground, skipping consistently on certain strokes. Oddly enough, Jetpens have this to say about the CH92:


"Note: In our experience, this pen requires moderate writing pressure for best performance. Users with a very light hand may experience skipping or inconsistent performance."


Makes me wonder if there's something odd going on at Pilot.

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