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Conid Regular Size Bulkfiller - Cappuccino Le

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Today I received the Cappuccino Bulkfiller fountain pen from Conid. The pen is a very limited edition of 38 in total. It is the regular size bulk filler series, with a choice of nibs. The pen came with a unique acrylic pen stand (not pictured) and the tool to take the piston and nib out. The price was just a little bit more than the regular models, and the cappuccino acrylic is very nice. I feel it adds what has been missing in the lineup of Conid pens. Their pens are great, but lack the variety of materials and colors used by many large companies. That will probably come with time from Conid, but the basic construction of the pens are above and beyond what other companies are offering for comparable prices.




I will add further review details after a few days or weeks of use. For now, I offer the following:


The pen is very light, the construction is great, the acrylic is very appealing, the gold nib I chose didn't match the materials as well as I had hoped. It was a fine modified to a cursive italic, and wrote very well. It was smooth as if I had already used it for a few weeks! I substituted a two-tone Faber Castell EF that l feel looks much better.


Here is the pen with a few other similarly-sized pens (Namiki Vanishing Point, Cappuccino Conid, Montblanc 146, and a Namisu titanium)




I have the Conid CAISO Kingsize, and this is a nice yin-yang type relationship. The Cappuccino is tubular flat top model, and is fairly light; the CAISO is a torpedo shape, and is not light. I sold a rose gold Montblanc 149 to fund the new purchase. Was it worth it? Time will tell. The Cappuccino offers a unique look, very low limited edition rarity, and will hold it's value very well probably.


I made an un-boxing video, but it was terrible! Part of the time the action was on the edge of the picture or even out of the picture, and the narrative was not good! So what was intended to be a video review turned into a short narrative! For those that can do reviews well, my hat is off to you.

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Thanks. A very nice looking pen. Does it have an ink window? I cannot tell from the photo. Thanks.

Yes, it has a small one right above the grip. When the cap is on the ink window is covered.

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Very nice :thumbup:.

I'm looking forward to future Limited Editions in the kingsize models.

Pens: Conid Kingsize ebonite (x2)
Inks:   KWZ Dark Brown,  KWZ IG Orange,  
 Diamine Burnt Sienna,  Diamine Raw Sienna,

           Diamine Warm Brown,   Diamine Oxblood,  GvFC Hazelnut,  Noodler's Nightshade

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Here are a couple images of the pen showing the amazing cappuccino swirl pattern.






Here is the replacement nib from Graf Faber Castell. The silver tends to work better with the titanium trim.




Notice the excellent threads and attention to detail with the transitions.





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Thanks for sharing Brad. Looking forward to longer term thoughts though I expect the pen to function without issue. Maybe a vintage nib is next?

If you want less blah, blah, blah and more pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking as I was waiting for the pen to arrive. I'm not sure I want to use a gold colored nib though. Maybe this would be a good pen to try to a vintage steel flex nib. One great advantage for the Conid pens is that they are great for swapping nibs since any model can be ordered with a variety of nibs, or the nibs can easily be changed later.


i have been thinking about getting a conid
probably the flat top demonstrator

what nib or nibs did you get ?

thanks for the review

Thanks for asking. I ordered the gold fine, modified to cursive italic. With the Conid Kingsize CAISO that I bought a while ago, I ordered two titanium nibs, EF and EF cursive italic. All three have been tuned well. The titanium cursive italic got even smoother after a few weeks of use and is a joy to use.

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A great review.


I have the original FPR (First Production Run) LE, and it is a fabulous feat of engineering. It is my go-to red pen (permanently filled with Sailor Jentle Oku-Yama), one that - due to revisions and copy-editing - has been getting a lot of work of late. It starts without fuss every time, and I am astonished at the attention to detail, and how it has not missed a beat in nearly five years of being constantly inked.


Enjoy the cappuccino (and the CAISO) in good health.

Too many pens; too little writing.

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Here is the replacement nib from Graf Faber Castell. The silver tends to work better with the titanium trim.





If you don't mind me asking, what replacement nib is that? I'm looking online at some places for the GvFC nibs and there are different models.




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Yes, that is exactly right. I had the Intuition Platino in Pernambuco for about a year, but didn't keep it. I purchased the EF nib when it was in for a repair. When I sold the pen, I kept the extra nib, hoping to use it some day. It is firm, with some feedback, but it looks really nice. Incidentally, I put the original gold nib back into the Cappuccino because it is nicer to write with! It would be hard for me not to have multiple pens and nibs and ink to keep the variety going!

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not sure what design but a conid has moved into my #1 spot for next purchase


i love the engineering and the industrial look of the design


good to hear that they are putting out good nibs ... and that there is flexibility for aftermarket nib swapping ... unlike all my lovely japanese pens :-(

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