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Could You Help Me Id This Pen, Please?


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Hello Everybody! I'm new here, and I would like to ask you a question about a Montblanc pen. Could you help me to find the name, the age, and value of this pen, please? Thanks a lot in advance! Best regards!




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I know these pictures are not too good, but how do you see that this pen is copy..? Sorr for my (maybe silly) question, but my husband has about 10 authentic Montblanc pens, and this one is nice as well.

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I believe that this pen looks like a modern version of an early Montblanc Safety pen from the 1920's. It was made as a 100 year anniversary pen in 2008 and there is a review thread about it on FPN Here


I'm fairly confident that Montblanc only ever made it in black though. That's why I said your one might be a Chinese copy.


Do you know where it came from?

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