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Franklin-Christoph Midnight Emerald

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A while back Franklin-Christoph added some inks to their "special color" line. I'm not sure how the "special color" line relates to their "regular" line of inks. Their Midnight Emerald seems to be a darker version of the Emerald (bright green) ink. I tend to like murky greens, so I picked this one up a while back.


The Midnight Emerald is a moderate valued, fairly pure green that leans strongly to blue. It's no where near as dark as Diamine Deep Dark Green or even F-C's own Loden, which is great. There's nothing really wrong with the handling, but the color is just not so interesting for me personally. Others may prefer this over many murky greens available as it has some purity of color to it.


The ink has good shading, and some red sheen outlining on Tomoe River. A broad or very wet pen helps with this effect. The ink is not water resistant at all. This is kind of like "KWZ Northern Twilight" lite, the color being somewhat similar especially in the ink droplet. Maybe with a very wet pen you could have an approximation, as inferior as it might be. I'm certain there are people who will like the color, the handling is certainly quite good. F-C inks usually are fairly wet and quite lubricating, sometimes on par with Sailor inks. This is isn't quite at that level, but it's good nonetheless.


Not many shops carry this line, Papier Plume in New Orleans being one, but you can order online direct from F-C. Since that sounds like an advertisement, you should know that I bought this bottle of ink on my own with my own money.


Pen: Edison Nouvelle Premiere (F-steel)

Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28lb inkjet.











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Nice review! This is one of my regulars.

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Thank you for doing all these reviews. You are awesome.

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This doesn't look like a bad color. But on my screen it also doesn't look green -- it looks a fair amount like Waterman Mysterious Blue!

This is a maybe for me -- I'd have to see the ink in person, and I suspect it's only going to be at a pen show. But that's okay. It's an ink that might be on the back burner, which (at the moment) is better for my bottom line....

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Thank you for doing all these reviews. You are awesome.


Aww thanks. :blush:


Ruth, it's a definite green, but with a lot of blue in it. As you can see from the droplet it doesn't have a lot of red in it, so it's not as muted as some others. Definitely try it at a pen show if you can.

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