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Quiet Little Changes?


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This concerns the 1912 and the black Rouge et Noir. I was in my local MB shack and looking at pens I could't afford and drooling. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that they had a little row of black Rouge et Noir's and as I looked at them I noticed some of them had a more tapered piston nob. So I asked the staff to reach a few of them out of the case for me and lo and behold, some of them posted perfectly securely and some of them didn't post at all. Now I avoided this pen because all the reviews said it didn't post, but curiosity got the better of me and I asked the staff member if a small change had been made to the pen and they told me, yes. They also told me it wasn't the only one that had changed in recent months and pulled out a 1912 to demonstrate how an inner cap ring had been scratching the barrel and had now been removed on some newer models! Now I know the staff at the boutiques aren't always that accurate with their information, so I thought I would flag this here to see if there is any truth to it or if the Rouge et Noir simply has some variance in manufacturing that allows some of the caps to post securely. I can assure you that the pen I looked at posted securely. This same boutique told me quite a while ago that although the cap of the 1912 did post but shouldn't be posted due to a possible cracking issue - which I think is true as I've read about that issue here. But can anyone confirm or deny the rest of these possible quiet changes?

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I'm dubious about that information for the fact the 1912 is no longer in production and hasn't been for a couple of years. I don't see how any changes could be made in a such a sort product cycle. Also I own two, reasonably far apart and both have rings, though nothing near as bad as what everyone talks about.


Did you get any photos of the ReN?

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I didn't get a photo of the R et N but next time I'm in I will ask and see if they let me. Since posting this I watched Figboot pens (?) Review on YouTube and he mentioned the possible change in cap rings too on the 1912.

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I also read here that the 1912 was only put through production once.


But given how well received it is, it shouldn't be a surprise if they ran it again.

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I'm not sure it was well received either by the wider non-FP community, given it's price. I know the boutiques I've spoke with all seem to have one in stock and struggle to move them.

Short cuts make delays, but inns make longer ones.
Frodo Baggins, The Fellowship of the Ring, A Short Cut to Mushrooms

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Actually I'm fine with the markings on my 1912's barrel made by the cap and it has became part of the pen already.


So for now I just enjoy using it daily.


Speaking of production, I'm not sure if MB has officially stopped production of the 1912 but I still see them on sale at my local MB boutiques. Perhaps those are remaining stocks?

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I have a new 1912 being sent from an AD in Italy, he had to wait 2 weeks to source it from MB (which he noted was unusual) - will have to wait and see..

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Getting back to the R et N, I would be very interested in knowing if a change has been made. The original ones can be posted, but only precariously, and would have to be pushed on so tight that they would be almost sure to leave a mark. Some of the better Japanese urushi pens avoid that by putting a thin ring of felt just inside the cap.


Montblanc is still offering the 1912 as a current model on its US web site:



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