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Kaweco Barrel Wear


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Hi! I'm in the market for a Kaweco Sport (the Guilloche has been in my mind for some time now..) but I've read that the barrel will show a ring of scratches even with careful regular use--it's an unavoidable eventuality.
Can anyone post photos of how bad it will look or how unnoticeable it will be?
I don't mind barrel scratching. In fact my old 78G (bought years ago) went through regular rough use: the gold paint has mostly disappeared and the plastic is noticeably duller than a brand new one, but it doesn't look horrible.
Will the Kaweco Sport look horrible?


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I don't know how it will look after some time. I haven't used mine a lot. But I can confirm that there will be scratches very early where the cap ends. Quite visible on the black barrel. I actually have the guilloche version.


First I was worried about scratches as well. But then I realized... As the Kaweco Sport is a quite cheap pen for on the go and everyday use it has to be acceptable, I guess. Plastic patina of scratches. :lol:

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