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Screw Type Converters - Kaigelu 316 And Others?


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Those of you who have Kaigelu 316 FPs may have worn out the screw thread at the bottom of the converter, thus risking the odd leak.


YCPENS to the rescue. He now has in stock replacement converters with the screw thread.

I bought a pair, greased up the thread of one of the new ones, swapped the ink load over via a syringe, and now have a safe, securely screwed in converter.


These converters may fit other pens that support an international-style screw in converter.




Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with YC Gao, other than being a long-time satisfied customer.



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Thanks for posting this. Interestingly the copy for the eBay listing says "The meaning of Kaigelu is "kangaroo," an Australian brand but made in Shanghaim China. Hmmm, an Australian brand???

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The Kaigelu 316 I just purchased did not come with a screw converter.  However, I don't know if they stopped adding the threads inside the section.  I am a bit disapointed because I wanted to compare the screw converter with the others I have. The converter also rattles. Last, the "Ink Smoke" acrylic had virtually no swirl, so its basically a white semi translucent pen.  Not what I wanted. 


It writes well if a bit wet.  The EF is more of a F.



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