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Pelikan M400 (1982-1997) Disassembly


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Hello there,


I got a little problem with a Pelikan M400 (1980s model). The piston seal has detached from the piston rod and is not sticking in the barrel. Thus, I have to disassemble the M400.


Question now: How can I disassemble the piston unit from the barrel? Is that friction fit with the M400 just as it is with the vintage 400?


Greetings and Thanx


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As has been mentioned before, the M200/M400/M600 piston mechanism is not designed to be removed. One can force the mechanism out but chances are that it will have to a tendency to pop out again when the piston is extended.

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It's a friction fit with a barb. Not made to be taken apart. Very difficult to do without ruining the pen.

You can save the nib and cap for use on other Pelikans, or seek out some of the repair guys on here to make you a new body. Depends on what the pen means to you and how much you want to spend.

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