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Small Selection Of Premium Holders


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I am offering a small selection of these premium holders just in time for your Christmas shopping. These are all ready to ship and available in my Etsy store at: Expressions Art Shop





1-1 & 1-2 - These are my 'short-form' holders. These 4.5 inch holders are carved from Cherry with Zebrano and Rosewood accents in the grip area and Bubinga in the finial. Although short, they feel like full sized holders in the hand. ($120 for the set) Sold


2 - This 'Swan' holder is carved from Cherry. It was a challenging project but I am happy how it turned out. ($140)


3 - This 'Tulip' holder is carved from Bloodwood and Tree of Heaven. ($140) Sold


4 - This classically styled holder is carved from Olive wood for the grip area and Bubinga for the shaft. Two Brass ring accents are placed where the two woods join. The finial is separately carved from Curly Maple and Ebony. ($140)


5 - This holder combined light and dark Walnut and sports a triangular grip. It will suit users with a modern grip who like to hold their pen high. ($120)


Please feel free to browse my Etsy store or PM for purchase or custom orders.


- Salman

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*** SOLD ***

I just completed another one.


This holder is carved from the wood of Tree of Heaven. It is then 'Ebonized' using 3 coats of India ink followed by multiple layers of lacquer. The resulting holder is light but looks like it has been carved from Ebony - a cool combination IMO.


This holder is ready to ship and can be purchased in my Etsy store at: Oblique holder in Ebonized Tree of Heaven.


Here is a picture:


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*** SOLD ***

I put together this one from a number of pieces of Cherry with some Ebony, Hard Maple, Holly and Sheoak Lace mixed int. The glue-up was done in stages over several days.


This one is available for $120 in my Etsy store: Oblique Holder in Cherry Etc.



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