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So I've been helping my boss get his vintage 149 restored: it's got a beautifully flexy 18K nib and we thought it was a 70s pen. Trouble is, the barrel is cracked and can't be repaired; only replaced. We sent it to Mr. Minuskin, who said he had a replacement barrel, but when he actually had a look at the pen, he said, No, it's a 60s pen that uses a different barrel, and that he's not got. He suggested we have a look-round for one, and meanwhile, he'll keep an eye out.


So, I'm not terribly familiar with the in's and outs of the precious-resin baseball bat that is this pen, but are they even resin, or was this model still made of celluloid? And am I looking for a one-piece or a two-piece barrel.


I hope you can enlighten me.

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They are resin. Brad Torelli is your best bet. If it is a crack he can probably repair it as he can actually replicate the MB resin exactly. Let me know if you need contact info or more help. I have had Brad fix several 1960s 149s.

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By the way, I believe (but couldn't find much in the way of a definitive reference) that the change in the 149 from the original celluloid barrel and cap to the current resin plastic occured around 1959, probably taking a year or two for parts to completely get used up for new pens. The piston changed from a multi-stage to a single-stage with the change in materials.

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Wow, that is some crack!

Did it happen during a removal of the friction fit piston mechanism?


Good luck with the repair.

I haven't ever used Brad Torelli, but from seeing pictures of his work on these forums, it seems he can work miracles.


Fingers crossed.

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