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Duofold True Blue - Non-Limited Edition?


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I've bought a modern Duofold Centennial True Blue at auction - but it does not appear to be one of the limited edition pens, as it doesn't have the "n/5000" number on the cap top.


In the same auction there was also a "staffer" Duofold pen, from when the Newhaven factory shut down, so I wondered if this might be from a Parker employee's own collection?


The True Blue came in a box a bit like the one a Parker 100 comes in - but with an outside white cardboard sleeve with a Parker label on it saying "Duofold True Blue Cent FP Fine G Box" and a barcode of "0 000000 000000".


Does anyone know whether the True Blue was offered outside of the limited edition, or whether this might be a prototype pen or something else???


Many thanks!



Picture here:


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A rarity indeed! May have been a special order, not sure what "G Box" means. The LE version didn't come in a fine nib just medium. I let mine go because I had too much money in it and the medium nib. Wish I could have got my hands on one like this one. Congrats! Hope you got it for a good price!


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Thanks, Pakman! It's uninked and pristine - I paid a little under what you'd pay retail for a brand new Centennial, so I'm very pleased with it.


I did wonder if "G Box" just meant "gift box" - and, as I said, I do wonder if it belonged to an employee at Newhaven, as there were a few nice Parker's for sale in the same auction and one of those was a LE staff pen. So maybe a special order - never heard of such a thing before.


Thanks again!

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In the final months before the Newhaven factory was closed, there were a number of staff sales to clear out stock that was unsellable to the public. This included many obsolete models, and also un-numbered ltd edition Duofolds. including True Blue, DNA and Lucky8. The fact that this was in a sale with a staff edition (which staff signed an undertaking not to sell), suggests this may well be the source.

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Hi Jon,

I also have one of these Parker anomalies.
Mine is based on the red FU limited edition and has the full 0 bar-code


Notice the different Parker logos on the box and instruction manual.


Mine too has the standard Ace logo on the nib and cap decal


The cap band is also not standard FU, as the original pens were triple cap band,
mine looks as if 4 thin bands were fitted to a double wide groove cap, never seen anything like that on any modern Duofold!


This pen is date coded N.II second quarter 2009.



I agree with MisterP that these pens were parts blowouts sold to Parker staff, Parker have a long history of making up pens from old stock,
saves wasting good pen stock.
Regarding the statement from MisterP that the "staff edition (which staff signed an undertaking not to sell)".
I have owned 2 of these staff edition pens (and still currently own 1) and have never worked for Parker. Naughty Naughty Parker workers. ;)


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Great info! I think mystery solved - I have the name of the (naughty?!) staff member who was presented the staff pen, so maybe I'll see if she is online...

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