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Vanishing Point Limited Editions

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I've recently started collecting a set of Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Editions and trying to figure out which ones I'm missing. Please fill in the blanks below:


Limited Editions (Barrel Marked Limited Edition" and cap ring is numbered)

2003 Mandarin Yellow (LE of 1500)

2003 Red Kasuri (Carbonesque) (LE of 1500, possibly for Japan) (Not sure how to distinguish this from current production Kasuri)

2004 ?

2005 ?

2006 Ice Blue (LE of 1235) (unique w/ice blue plastic oval clamshell shaped case)

2007 Orange (LE of 2007)

2008 Purple (LE of 2008)

2009 Vivid Red (LE of 2009)

2010 Ice Green (LE of 2010)

2011 Pink (LE of 2011)

2012 Charcoal Marble

2013 Maple (50th Anniversary Edition, LE of 900)

2014 Copper (LE of 2014)

2015 Twilight (LE of 2015)

2016 Black Guilloche (LE of 2016)


My Limited Editions don't have numbers till the 2007 (Orange version). I know some spare barrels and caps were manufactured and can be bought as limited editions lacking the number. Did all limited edition pens have numbers or did that start in 2007?


Raden Editions:

Raden (speckles of abalone flecks) (I'm told there are two variants, with earlier version having a larger area cover by the flecks)

Raden Stripes (Pilot Catalog FCN-5MP-RS)

Raden Water Surface (Pilot Catalog FCN-5MP-RM)


Kobe Pen Shop Editions: (in addition to Pilot Japan, barrel is also marked with Bung Box and its logo)

2011 unknown to me

2012 unknown to me

2013 Orange with Silver Trim (LE of 100; not numbered) (clip marked "energia")

2014 Orange with Gold Trim (LE of 100; not numbered) (clip marked "energia")


Far East Only Editions

Kagimonyou (Greek Key Wave) (Urushi)

Nanten (Heavenly Bamboo) (Urushi)

2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games (Urushi)

Clover (Urushi)


Special Editions (other than the price, not sure what was "special" about these editions)

20xx Cherry Bamboo

20xx Black Bamboo


Noteworthy/Early Editions

1964 First Year

197x Black Stripe

197x White Stripe

199x Last year for single piece clip and faceted barrel

20xx Stormtrooper (White body, black trim and nib)



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Can't help with the gaps, but wow that is a great compilation of information, thanks!


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Wow what a great compilation. Thanks for posting this


I so regret not getting the 2013 LE.


Does anyone here know what they are going for now? Or if any are even available?

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If you are including the Bung Box orange pens, then you should think about including the Itoya limited editions:




Itoya has a custom to them Urushi finished range of pens, including black, green and red.


Also, there is a "Japan Only" green kasuri available now.


the-bay does make some of the Japan Only less of an issue, but I figued it was worth mentioning.



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